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Dramatic Change

We’ve purchased the schist tiles to do a new surround for our feature wall at the swimming pool area. We could not find anything better! 

It was reasonably priced, easy to install, cut and match, practically no waste and the main result – it looks stunning!

Thank you Dreamstone and good luck with growing your business!

Stylish Outdoor Living

Finished the Schist yesterday and we’re delighted with the result.

The quantity you supplied us – both corners and tiles – was exactly right too. They were also really easy to cut. What a great product you have.

Thank you.

When First Impression Matters

There were no spare corners. Your estimation was bang on. Installation was easy. Just get the bottom tiles level and are away. I just have to make some caps for the top. I’ll make a mould and pour my own. I’m happy with your product. So thank you.

Touch of Sophistication

Really happy with your product and great comments and interest from neighbours and passers-by. 

One key point I found is to thoroughly brush the back of the tile before applying a generous amount of adhesive to the tile rather than the wall.

Victoria’s Project

We are in love with our new stone wall! 

Our bricks were made as a special order and the entire manufacture and delivery process has been extremely easy and hassle-free. The team at Dreamstone were very helpful and guided us through the process.

The installation was super easy as well – my partner and I have managed to do our wall in one weekend. The installation tips from the team have proven to be rather useful – the first couple of rows have proven to be challenging, but the process did get easier after a few attempts. All the materials you need to install are easily found in your local hardware store.

The bricks were easy to cut and trim to fit around power outlets and lights and the clean-up was minimal – there was almost no dust and minimal sand left after the process.

A very easy and cost-effective way to give your space a makeover – we are now looking at what other walls we can do at home.

Tiny House Cool Splashback

I love how the space was transformed with the bricks from Dreamstone. Due to the small size of the kitchen and the house itself, it was very difficult to come up with a wall finishing solution that would make the space feel bigger, not the other way around. Ancient Bricks became a perfect solution – they added texture to the wall, thus making it look more interesting and by painting bricks black I added depth to the space – extremely happy with the outcome!! 

Bricks’ texture adds a little bit of “history” to my tiny house and since they are made of concrete – I am not worried about its durability.

The installation is a separate topic. Max and Yana from Dreamstone suggested that it would be easy, but I could never imagine that it is THAT easy – the project took me a day to fully complete and I also could cut the bricks with the craft knife!!!! Considering I don’t own a saw (and to be honest scared to use it anyway) it was just perfect!!!

Thank you guys! Love it!!!!

BBQ Area Makeover

We have significantly improved our BBQ area by using our Alpine Schist – Mix. Before it used to be a rubbish bin area that was too spacious and cosy for two rubbish bins, so we decided to give it a good clean, a little bit of paint and a feature with the schist stone – the result became more than just impressive.

This can show how easily any space can be transformed by using not much of the material. And, yes, I did it all by myself while my daughter had an afternoon nap.